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Classroom Management Plan: Algebra 1/Ms.Stone/Room K-11, 2016-17

The best way to get in touch with Ms. Stone is by email:



Welcome Parents & Students!  

This semester we will be covering Units 1-6, or in other words, the consumable math book your student received, which covers the first half of the course.  

If your student, or you, needs to see any assignments, you can find it on

                     Instagram at: Ms.StoneMath

It’s on a privacy setting, so once I get your request, I’ll admit you in.  You can also see it on this site.

All grades are posted on Aeries.



1) Pay attention to instruction...what does that mean to you?

2) Improve this year in your effort...what does that look like?

3) Work cooperatively to meet the daily goal...what is the goal?

4) Communicate positively within yourself, and with others...what does that mean?


These guidelines are basically the rules stated within a positive framework, and created to give you and your student some dialogue about the learning process and how we can support each other to create a classic experience this year.


More concretely, are the following:

1) Supplies:  Paper, pencils (mechanical, unless you have a sharpener, or pens and white-out, bring extra so you don’t run out during the day.  A spiral pad of paper is the best idea, so you can keep all of your test notes together.  Calculators are optional.

2) No food, no gum.  Water is allowed if your bottle has a cap.  It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure the room is clean, so that when we come in tomorrow, we have a nice environment to work in.


3) Cell phones are used in class as calculators and to google information, or to access poll everywhere.  Students who are using it for social media, that is not an assignment in this class, will be given support by putting their phone in my desk for the period only.  

In other words, students will want to use their phones for math content and application.


3) Bathroom breaks are given one at a time, lasting 2-5 minutes, and the student needs to sign out, and then in.  Bathroom breaks should not exceed 2 per month.


7) Grades: 100 to 90% A, 89 - 80% B, 79 - 70% C, 69 - 60% D, 59% and below F


8) Absences:  You have as many days as you were absent to make up this missing work.  You can email me if you need to discuss it.  All assignments are on instagram at Ms.StoneMath.  Make-up work must have the same quality as class work for full credit.


9) How Points are Earned:  

Assignments, Projects, Quizzes, Tests, Observation, Participation.

Basically, as student work increases, more points are assigned for the work achieved.

Usually, the work and the tests are approximately 50/50, but it could migrate to 40/60.


10) Late work:  It is very important that students learn to “be in the moment”, therefore, late work will receive 80% the day after it is due, 60% the next day and continuing for 1 week.  Late work will not be able to be turned in beyond 1 week late.  It is very important that students stay up to date with the tasks assigned so that they are ready for the next ideas that are going to be coming.  In other words, math consists of layers of knowledge that build one upon the other.    



Agreement: Read out loud together, please:

I,                                      and                                        , understand the classroom plan, and agree to follow the rules set forth herein, as well as to do my best, to be present in my mind and body, and complete my assignments/tests/projects.  I understand that by being present, I am creating success.  I understand that responsible use of my cell phone and the choices I make about it, affect success.  I understand that taking selfies or photos of anything other than my book, are not allowed in class. I understand that I can choose to use it for its calculator, or assignments that require it.


Abe Lincoln said “People are as happy as they make up their mind to be!”  Do I understand that I choose whether I’d like to be happy in class?  If not, think it over.

So, begin with the end in mind!  Plan for Success! AND,Be the change you wish to see:)

Make a difference in your own here, expand your thought, pass the class!


Best wishes for a successful class,
S Stone

Ms. Susan Stone

Ms. Susan Stone
Algebra I

Copy of us.jpg

Ms. Stone & daughter, Faith