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Ceramics - This class offers the student exposure to the basic three-dimensional design concepts through the medium of clay. Students will experience various construction techniques to include hand-building processes to a more advanced level of proficiency as well as an introduction to the potter’s wheel. 
Satisfies UC/CSU requirements; Prerequisite(s):  None.

Ceramics Advanced - This course is for students who have successfully completed Ceramics and wish to continue in the area of ceramics on a more advanced level. Students begin to work more independently than in Ceramics. Students will learn how to throw three-dimensional forms on the potter’s wheel. They will begin to combine wheel-thrown forms with hand-built forms, which the student learned in Ceramics.
Satisfies UC/CSU requirements; Prerequisite(s):  Grade of “B” or better in Ceramics or permission from current Ceramics instructor. 


Ceramics Projects on Instagram!

Ceramics 1 Ceramics 1 - 2 Ceramics 1 - 2 Ceramics 1 - 4 Ceramics 1 - 5 Ceramics 1 - 6 Ceramics 1 - 7 Ceramics 1 - 8 Ceramics 001.jpg Ceramics 002.jpg Ceramics 003.jpg Ceramics 004.jpg Ceramics 005.jpg Ceramics 006.jpg Ceramics 007.jpg Ceramics 008.jpg Ceramics 009.jpg Ceramics 010.jpg Ceramics 011.jpg Ceramics 012.jpg Ceramics 013.jpg Ceramics 014.jpg Ceramics 015.jpg Ceramics 016.jpg Ceramics 017.jpg Ceramics 018.jpg Ceramics 019.jpg Ceramics 020.jpg Ceramics 021.jpg Ceramics 022.jpg Ceramics 023.jpg Ceramics 024.jpg Ceramics 025.jpg Ceramics 026.jpg Ceramics 027.jpg Ceramics 028.jpg Ceramics 029.jpg Ceramics 030.jpg Ceramics 031.jpg Ceramics 032.jpg Ceramics 033.jpg Ceramics 034.jpg Ceramics 035.jpg Ceramics 036.jpg Ceramics 037.jpg Ceramics 038.jpg Ceramics 040.jpg Ceramics 042.jpg Ceramics 043.jpg Ceramics 044.jpg Ceramics 045.jpg Ceramics 046.jpg Ceramics 047.jpg Ceramics 048.jpg Ceramics 050.jpg Ceramics 051.jpg Ceramics 052.jpg Ceramics 053.jpg Ceramics 054.jpg Ceramics 055.jpg Ceramics 056.jpg Ceramics 057.jpg Ceramics 058.jpg Ceramics 059.jpg Ceramics 060.jpg Ceramics 061.jpg Ceramics 062.jpg Ceramics 064.jpg Ceramics 065.jpg Ceramics 066.jpg Ceramics 067.jpg Ceramics 068.jpg Ceramics 069.jpg Ceramics 070.jpg Ceramics 071.jpg Ceramics 072.jpg